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"So, what made you so special?"

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LANDLINE by Rainbow Rowell

This was the first ARC I picked up at Book Expo America this year and I read it in a single day. Let me tell you, it was worth braving the wickedly long line for Rowell’s signing. Her prose is that perfect blend of simplicity and elegance that hits just the right notes to tug on your heartstrings and keep you enthralled to the last page. Naturally, I had to channel all those feels into nail art (we all cope in our own ways). 

For this manicure, I used six polishes (well, five and a nail art pen, which felt a bit like cheating, but loops are hard): 

Essie All In One 3 Way Glaze as a base coat

L’Oréal Colour Riche - Greycian Goddess (560)

Kiss Nail Art in white

NYC In a New York Color Minute - Lexington Yellow (294)

Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in black

Wet N’ Wild matte top coat

The first version I did was just the phone and the cord on a plain gray background, but it lost the playful element from the cover. I really liked the vivid contrast between the title and Rowell’s name so I spiced it up with some vertical white stripes to bring in that same balance of color. 

LANDLINE drops on July 8th from St. Martin’s Press. If you’re a fan of Rowell’s work, pick it up. If you haven’t read any of her books yet, it’s a great place to start (I’m also partial to FANGIRL, so you should probably read that one, too). 

I felt like a pretty pink flower today. #selfie #springtime

Hammock selfie (no. 1) I promised ages ago! #latergram #readathon

Words to live by. #currentlyreading #MarchByJohnLewis

Currently reading for the #readathon. Look at view @onthebigadventure and I have! P.S. Hammock selfies to come when I reach 250 pages! #DonnaTartt #TheSecretHistory

@onthebigadventure and I are in the zone at our second reading spot, Starbucks!

@estellasrevenge it’s all YA in my maybe pile at the moment. I think I may come back tomorrow and buy if I do well in the #readathon!

I am participating in the Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon tomorrow! These are the books I will be choosing from tomorrow!
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Bookstore fun

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Look @danielfitzroy! Iced coffee! #pourovercoffee #icedcoffee #coffeeicecubes

I dolled up today. Thought I would show you before my daily walk messed it up any. #selfie #redlips #polkadots

Received a special gift today. My grandmother’s wedding set reconstructed with a diamond from one of my dad’s past earrings. #weddingrings #love #family

I got a haircut today among other wonderful things. Speaking of wonderful @lokitten___ did so wonderfully on my hair today! Thank you lovely lady! #shorthairdontcare

It is just past 5:30 AM. I’ve been awake for two hours after four hours of sleep. Start the day or hit the hay? Basically chai latte and reading vs sleep.